Maxwell's is by appointment ONLY Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

And by walk in ONLY on Saturday.



Please keep in mind a few things:


    - Appointments cannot be made further than 7 days in advance. This prevents overbooking and keeps our books open enough to give everyone a fair shot at a time slot. This means we are never booked further than a week out. Same day booking is accepted, as long as there is an open slot. FOR EXAMPLE: Tuesday will open the previous Tuesday at midnight, and stays open until the day has passed. Wednesday opens the previous Wednesday, so on and so forth. 

     - Haircuts by appointment are $25.

     - We don't cut kids under the age of 10.

     - Be on time!!!! Depending on the service, if you're more than 10 minutes late you'll have to reschedule. 

     - If you have to cancel, do so on the same link you booked from. Its just as easy as booking, or call the shop to let us know...                DO NOT NO CALL NO SHOW. 

     - And as always... CASH ONLY!